Do you like art? Are you an expert in art history or like many people, you know what you like when you see it.

With that in mind. Jay and Neal are talking this week to William aka Billy Newton about art. Art history, what it means to the average person, is it for snobs and how do you get into it if you nothing about it? In addition the three gents named three artists everybody should look at:

Billy – Giotto, Diego Velázquez and he said to take a look at the artists featured in the exhibit, America After The Fall: Painting In The 1930’s.

Neal – Monet, Thomas Wilmer Dewing (yes they are related) and……(editor cannot remember as Neal was ranting about Paul Cézanne.

Jay – Monet, Edward Hopper and Paul Cézanne

Also, with Frank Sinatra beating out Dean Martin in 8 of 11 episodes, the men have decided on a new closing question: Is Die Hard A Christmas Movie?

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