James Rosen of Fox News got his start at National Review after a chance meeting with the founder of the magazine, William F. Buckley. When he was doing research for another project, he came upon on idea somebody suggested of editing a book made up of the eulogies Buckley had either delivered or written. The result is the magnificent book, ‘A Torch Kept Lit: Great Lives of the Twentieth Century.’

James was kind enough to stop by and talk about the book with Jay and Neal. He discussed how the project came about, how the book was put together and imparts a great personal story about his meeting with Buckley. The book is a NY Times best seller. Go to the website, www.atorchkeptlit.com to order your copy and to get more information.

Be on the lookout! James will be sending along an autographed copy of the book that Jay and Neal will be giving away in a future episode!

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