It used to be that iTunes was the only game in town when it came to listening to podcasts (the only game relatively easy, anyway). But that has all changed. There are so many ways to publish a podcast it is hard to keep up at times!

Neal and Jay will almost always mention iTunes during a show because iTunes does give weight to shows with ratings and reviews. The more there are, the higher the show is ranked in searches. Their algorithm is a secret but that is obviously part of it.

That said, there are a host of platforms and you, the listener, should be able to use what you want. That’s why The Fifth Estate has expanded where it can be found. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  1. Mobile appsThe Guardian has an article that lists several great apps for both iOS and Android. One of the best is Pocket Casts. It is available on both platforms and the best thing about is, if you have an Android phone and an iPad it will sync between the two. The question that invariably comes up is, “How do I subscribe without the iTunes link?” Great question. The feed URL is: copy and paste that into whatever app you’re using, and you’ll be subscribed.
  2. The website – If you are old school and just want to listen on your computer or your phone without installing anything extra, just click on the link and listen. The website is responsive and will adjust to your tablet or mobile phone with the player built into the post.
  3. Stitcher – This has become a relatively popular platform for some listeners. Stitcher does have an app for the phone and in both iOS and Android formats. The show’s page is here.
  4. SoundCloud – The latest offering from the duo is this very popular platform. This was just added to the stable and all of the episodes are available there now.

Listeners are always encouraged to subscribe to the show in some manner. This gives the guys more insight into what is working, what’s not, etc. It provides valuable information that will make the show better.

Any suggestions? Comments? Feedback? Feel free to comment here. Send the guys an email or go to their new Facebook page and leave feedback there (while you’re at it, give the page a like).