This week, kicks off a series of shows we are going to do with people who work in industries that do important and good work but who are often seen with less favor by many, particularly those in the world of social media. We have a list:

  • Professional bloggers
  • Congressional staff members
  • Political consultants
  • Television journalists

For the next several weeks we will talk to people in those professions to get their stories. Nothing filtered. You’ll be able to hear directly from them.

First up is Ed Morrissey of Hot Air. Ed has been blogging since 2003. He started at his own blog, Captain’s Quarters before moving on to write at Hot Air in 2008, where he has been ever since.

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Ed took some time with Jay and Neal to discuss how he got his start, how he handles criticism and what kind of relationship he has with the mainstream media. He also spent some time talking about his new book, Going Red. 

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