Ken Eurell became a cop in the NYPD at the age of 20 in the early 1980’s. At the time, the department, having dealt with massive cutbacks in 1975, had a force made up of young cops and veterans who joined the department in the 1960’s. This made corruption rampant, and with the rise of the crack wars in the 80’s, it opened up a whole new avenue for cops to make money. Ken worked in the 75th precinct in the East New York area of Brooklyn. At the time he started working with his partner Mike Dowd, New York City had 1700-2100 homicides a year (as opposed to 2017 when the city had a total of 293) with the 75th one of the most dangerous precincts in all of New York.

Ken discusses with Jay how it all happened, how he and his partner Mike Dowd came to work for a drug dealer before becoming drug dealers themselves. You can watch the documentary The Seven Five on Netflix but also be sure to pick up the book, Betrayal in Blue: The Shocking Memoir of the Scandal That Rocked the NYPD.

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