Jay Caruso

Jay is the co-founder of The Fifth Estate and has been doing podcast. Jay is a Deputy Editor of the Washington Examiner Magazine. He previously served as an editorial writer for The Dallas Morning News. You can also find his writing at National Review, The Atlantic, Arc Digital and The Daily Beast. Originally, from New York, he lives in the Washington D.C. area but will always be a Yankees and NY Giants fan.

Ben Howe

Neal Dewing has been podcasting since 2013, and listening to podcasts since learning how to use iTunes in 2015. He thinks this whole thing is pretty wild. Neal worked with Jay Caruso on The Pocketcast of Liberty, and its successor Splintered Caucus. He will appear on almost any podcast if he is asked, and sometimes even if he is not asked. Neal has written for The Federalist, but his major contributions to literature can be found on Facebook.